Planning for DIY Home Building Projects

In business management, every project begins with planning and proposal. During project planning, you lay down activities, delegate tasks, and arrange schedules for business ventures. You study feasibility of projects, as well as forecast possible setbacks that might occur during implementation. Planning is an essential aspect of business. Oftentimes, lack of planning can cause failure in business.

The same principle applies in do-it-yourself (DIY) home building. You need to create a concrete plan for the structure and design of your home, as well as a timetable for the completion of construction. Without a concrete construction plan, you would not be able to achieve your target date of completion. You are not simply arranging toy blocks on a green plane. Trial-and-error does not apply to house construction. Once you have nailed a wood on the wall and roof, there’s no turning back.

Inasmuch as sketches are important in image production, blueprints are essential in home architecture. Collect photos of your dream house and create a rough draft of its exterior and interior design. Present it to an architect, and ask suggestions and recommendations to enhance the structure of your home. Generally, DIY home building companies ask for a sketch or image of your dream home. From this, they can derive the materials and equipment for your DIY house construction.

Aside from design, you should choose an appropriate lot for your home. Check whether the lot is viable for house construction. The soil must be able to hold a massive structure, as it will hold the entire weight of your home. Commercial neighborhoods have expensive lots because of soil quality. You must also choose cost-efficient and high-quality materials for house construction. You’ll probably have to buy supplementary construction materials apart from those in DIY home building kits.

Financial management is an important aspect of DIY home building. If you have limited cash on hand, try applying for a housing loan to assist you in your finances. Housing companies consider the approved loan as pre-payment for house construction.

Starting a poorly planned DIY home building is like raging a war without strategies and tactics. Create a comprehensive plan for your dream house and ask for assistance from housing professionals, and look for a viable housing loan. With these at hand, you can succeed in building your dream home.

Building Your Own Cubby House

If your children are very active, then building your own cubby house is something that they ask you to do at some point. Every kid likes adventure and having their own house in their back garden can be the ultimate adventure for them. Cubby houses offer kids lots of fun and in a very safe way that you can control. It also lets them get their own place to hang out, away from the house. If you are going to build your own house then the planning stage is something that you need to spend time on. This will ensure that you end up with exactly what you want for your children.

Consider your budget
As for most things around the home, you need to think about your budget first. A house can be made with a little expense, or it can end up costing a considerable amount of money. As such, organizing and considering your budget is one of the most important factors. You need to know how much money you are going to spend, as sometimes they can cost up to $2500. If you have good DIY skills then it should cost you a lot less, as you can save money by building it yourself.

If you are not sure about how to get started then you should visit your local DIY store as they have many cubby house plans that you can use. They will also explain all the tools and materials that are needed.

DIY kits
If you would like to save money and build part of the cubby house yourself, then you can do so without doing all the work. The best way to go about this is to buy a DIY cubby houses kit. They come with pre-cut materials and detailed instruction that most people can follow. You will still be building the house yourself, but you will bypass much of the initial work involved. The main work you will need to do with a DIY house kit is to fit the pieces together and ensure everything is secure before your kids start using it. There are also more advanced kits that come fully assembled. These are more expensive but you will have your cubby house in a few hours.

Mark out the floor
If you are going to build it from scratch then you need to mark out a rectangle on the ground first. You need to mark the posts outside dimension and define the perimeter of the frame. You can use a string line to do this accurately. You need to dig post holes in each corner. The post holes should really be dug to a depth of 600mm.

You need to work on the two sidewalls first. Cut out the top and bottom plates first. You also need to allow for windows, so factor this into your plans. Measure and cut the plates separately. You then need to stand them up and screw them into the floor. Be sure to adhere to your plans and keep referring back to them.

Roof frames
You need to use at least four roof rafters to maintain a strong house roof. A pitched roof looks great but can be complicated to build. An easier alternative is to build a skillion roof instead. If you need more exact plans then refer to those found in your DIY store.

Remember that you will need to decorate the house once it has been constructed. You should use quality paint to ensure it will withstand the outside elements. If you follow this advice you will make your kids very happy.